Similar to Yoga, going to the gym is one of the best things a full time parent can do. It will provide you with all of the benefits that a session of yoga would provide you, but the difference it the socialising aspect. When you are doing yoga at home for example, the only person you will be socialising with is you kid if he is young enough, and that just means you will be getting zero conversation!

But if you go to the gym, there are so many classes that you can sign up to that you will meet loads of people! The chances are the people that you meet in the end will be in the same position as you! They will be looking for a way to alleviate stress and many of them will be parents or single parents who want to get out of the house and feel like normal people for a few hours!

Going to the gym is great for you physically, mentally, and emotionally for the same reasons that doing yoga regularly is. The main difference that sets it apart from yoga however, is that you will also be able to socialise and meet new people. That is the one thing that you feel you lack if anything being a parent. The opportunity to meet new people and to socialise outside of your home. With the gym, you will be able to do so and meet people who are specifically in the same situation as you who can empathise with you about the same things!

As a parent or not, it is always great to meet new people and make new friends. It will lead to internal growth that you may not otherwise consider, and it will allow you to really consider being an independent adult again.

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Now, I know that this blog post will be very controversial but one of the things that will of course help any family is paying for services for the home. This could be anything from a babysitter to take care of the children while you are at work, to cleaning services or a chef if you are able to afford it. All of these services are quite expensive, and I know that many of the mothers who are reading this blog post will not have the financial ability to do so. Please do not take offense, because I do not mean to brag or tell you that you are missing out in any way. The truth is, around the home services can really help a mother who is struggling.

But one of the best ways to actually take a lot of stress from your life day to day is to hire services. If you are a single parent for example, you will probably need a babysitter more than most people would. This is especially true if you are the only source of income within the family. If you are a single parent, having the additional help with your child can make a significant difference!

Another very helpful service that you can hire is a cleaner. A cleaner can do a lot to improve the overall state of your home, especially if you have multiple children who are very messy! Having someone who is able to help you clean on the week days especially will be very useful if you are tired after work. There is a commercial cleaning Gold Coast company that take amazing care of both commercial and residential homes, who is definitely worth considering if you need help around the home with cleaning!

There are so many services you can probably benefit from using, so I suggest looking into it!


I know what you are thinking… how will cooking help me to feel better when I am actually required to cook day to day? It is actually quite simple. Do not cook because you have to, cook because you want to. Cooking food with the idea of wanting to enjoy it or with the idea to experiment with new foods is a great way to turn an activity that is mostly boring and necessary into something that is fun and actually for yourself.

What I do not suggest is cooking with the idea that you will only cook what you want. The chances are you will be with a partner, and they may not want to eat the food that you cook that day. The same could be said for the children, who as we know can be notoriously difficult when it comes to getting them to actually eat their food. But there are ways to work around that!

Like any household, you will be cooking food that everyone will find acceptable to eat. But you can actually experiment with that. If you cook spaghetti and meatballs for example, then I would suggest trying to create the sauce for the meatballs yourself! It is actually quite difficult to create your own sauce, but you have no idea just how rewarding it is to do! If you ever manage to create your own spaghetti sauce, then you really do feel that you are a borderline chef!

If your family is not as fussy as my family unfortunately is, then you may be able to experiment a lot more than that! Try to cook dishes that you have always wanted but never had the ability to try before! You don’t have to go out and get a lobster, but maybe try to cook scallops or a meat you have not had a chance to cook yet!

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The most obvious thing that you could do to help motherhood go is Yoga, hence the name of the blog! Yoga will be helpful for a mother of any age, and who has kids of any age because of the many benefits that it provides the person who does it. It can help you physically, but it can help you just as much mentally and you may not even realise it. You may not even realise how much it helps you mentally if you are currently doing it! But it also even helps you emotionally depending on how hard your day is!

Physically, yoga is a great way to shed that pregnancy weight that you will inevitably build up. It happens to all mothers. They cannot help but gain weight throughout the pregnancy stage. You end up eating more than you ever have and you are carrying a baby in your stomach. You are eating for two (or sometimes three and more!) so of course you will not be able to keep control of your weight. So physically, yoga is a great way to begin shedding any weight and a great way to keep yourself nimble and flexible.

Thanks to the benefits Yoga proves to you physically, it can directly affect you emotionally. If you are having a difficult day or you do not feel the best about yourself or the way you look (happens to all of us!), then having a Yoga session is a great way to shed off some calories, have a sweat and feel better about yourself within the space of an hour!

The reason that it can help you mentally is simply due to the endorphin release that you get from a workout. When you physically work out, you have a release of endorphins that increase your overall mood. So if you are ever stressed or going through a difficult time, that release of endorphins that you receive after a workout is a great way to increase your overall mood.

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Yogas and Pancho

Yogas And Pancho is a blog for stay at home mothers in Australia who want to find out more about how to get away from their hectic family life a few hours a day and alleviate some of the stress that being a mother provides! As a mother myself, I can promise you that I have been just where you have over the years, and any struggle that you have experienced I have also experienced at one point or another. It can get hard to cope with the stress that being a mother can provide, and I am here to tell you that it can get easier, and there are things you can do to help yourself!

Over the next few weeks I will be digging into the many things that I have done (or tried!) to make things a bit more manageable for myself! I know how hard it can get at times and that is why these are tried and tested things (by yours truly!) that will help you to feel more at ease, but also more in control!

I will start by saying that not all of these techniques or hobbies will help for everyone. There will be some suggestions that I make that will not be suitable for you, but there will be many suggestions that I make that will be. Please understand it is completely natural to feel like not everything will work. So, if there is anything, I would like you to do, it is to test everything that I provide. It will help you find a release or something that will help your initial motherhood years go by easier!

Please make sure to read my blog every day so that you do not miss anything! There may be something that you could pick up or learn, and you will only hurt yourself if you do not!