I know what you are thinking… how will cooking help me to feel better when I am actually required to cook day to day? It is actually quite simple. Do not cook because you have to, cook because you want to. Cooking food with the idea of wanting to enjoy it or with the idea to experiment with new foods is a great way to turn an activity that is mostly boring and necessary into something that is fun and actually for yourself.

What I do not suggest is cooking with the idea that you will only cook what you want. The chances are you will be with a partner, and they may not want to eat the food that you cook that day. The same could be said for the children, who as we know can be notoriously difficult when it comes to getting them to actually eat their food. But there are ways to work around that!

Like any household, you will be cooking food that everyone will find acceptable to eat. But you can actually experiment with that. If you cook spaghetti and meatballs for example, then I would suggest trying to create the sauce for the meatballs yourself! It is actually quite difficult to create your own sauce, but you have no idea just how rewarding it is to do! If you ever manage to create your own spaghetti sauce, then you really do feel that you are a borderline chef!

If your family is not as fussy as my family unfortunately is, then you may be able to experiment a lot more than that! Try to cook dishes that you have always wanted but never had the ability to try before! You don’t have to go out and get a lobster, but maybe try to cook scallops or a meat you have not had a chance to cook yet!

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