The most obvious thing that you could do to help motherhood go is Yoga, hence the name of the blog! Yoga will be helpful for a mother of any age, and who has kids of any age because of the many benefits that it provides the person who does it. It can help you physically, but it can help you just as much mentally and you may not even realise it. You may not even realise how much it helps you mentally if you are currently doing it! But it also even helps you emotionally depending on how hard your day is!

Physically, yoga is a great way to shed that pregnancy weight that you will inevitably build up. It happens to all mothers. They cannot help but gain weight throughout the pregnancy stage. You end up eating more than you ever have and you are carrying a baby in your stomach. You are eating for two (or sometimes three and more!) so of course you will not be able to keep control of your weight. So physically, yoga is a great way to begin shedding any weight and a great way to keep yourself nimble and flexible.

Thanks to the benefits Yoga proves to you physically, it can directly affect you emotionally. If you are having a difficult day or you do not feel the best about yourself or the way you look (happens to all of us!), then having a Yoga session is a great way to shed off some calories, have a sweat and feel better about yourself within the space of an hour!

The reason that it can help you mentally is simply due to the endorphin release that you get from a workout. When you physically work out, you have a release of endorphins that increase your overall mood. So if you are ever stressed or going through a difficult time, that release of endorphins that you receive after a workout is a great way to increase your overall mood.

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